PFI Freediving Instructor Bill Van Deman is the owner of Abyss Freediving in Apollo Beach, Florida just outside Tampa.  Bill earned his PFI Professional rating in 2012 and since bvkthat time has been a prolific instructor and ambassador for freediving and for responsible and safe spearfishing up and down the Gulf Coast of Florida and across the state.

Bill is an active contributor to the spearfishing scene both in Florida and nationally.  He’s received numerous recognitions and awards for his contributions, including the Norm Wym
an-Poppa Taylor Award, the St. Pete Open Lou Bonsey Award and multiple awards for his hunting skill, including trophies at the Florida State Freedive Spearfishing Championships, the Tampa Bay Spearfishing Challenge, the Florida Skin Divers Innerbay Championship and at the Clearwater Classic.  Bill has been generous with his time for the benefit of other spearos and for the betterment of the sport, serving as Chairman of the USOA Spearfishing Nationals and as the Florida Skin Divers Association President.

Bill is also the representative for Omer in the state of Florida, traveling around the state, visiting dive shops and generally spreading the friendly message of the importance of safe and responsible diving and spearing.

When he’s not doing all of those things, Bill can often be found teaching his son Drew the sport he loves and nurturing a new dive buddy at the same time!

You can check out Bill’s courses on our site at our Upcoming Courses page.