Performance Freediving has just wrapped up our annual event, Deja Blue III.  This is an event for anyone from long-term competitors to new freedivers, Deja Blue III has something for everyone!

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And the final rsults from the 2012 Deja Blue III event are:

1 Balfour, Jen CAN 56 55 32 51.4 50 28 272.4
2 Balic, Iru VEN 42 68 0 53.4 62.5 33 258.9
3 Schrappe, Carol BRA 0 44 30 60.4   28 162.4
4 Hollowell, Kerry USA   55   48.8 56  0 159.8
5 McGrath, Jenna USA   46   58.8   40.5 145.3
6 Koe, Francesca USA   38    53.4   40.5 111.4
7 Magee, Erin USA   81         81
8 Chapman, Ashley USA      65       65
1 Weiss, Ben USA 64 66  45 66.2   62.5  37.5 341.2
2 Mevoli, Nick USA 0 91   67 78 41.5 277.5
3 Hogan, Grant USA 50 50  71  63.4  38.5   272.9
4 Bricker, Jake USA 0 62 40  72.4 55  42.5 271.9
5 Benson, Steve USA 61  46   92.6 50   249.6
6 Fee, Greg CAN 19 21 31  42.8 55.5 42.5 211.8
4 LAPP, Wes USA 31   45    86 25.5 187.5
5 Harty, Ted USA   85 26     24.5 109.5
6 Osner, Sean USA   28       37.5 65.5
  National Record (NR)                
  World Record (WR)                


Check out the videos of all records set at this years Deja Blue III event!

*Be sure to check out our annual scooter freedive race, Formula3Freediving too! The racing starts May 12! 

Disciplines at this year’s event include the following:

Constant Weight – Diving down and back up under one’s own power wearing a fin
Free Immersion – Using the line, one pulls themselves down to depth and back up
Constant No-Fins – Without the use of fins or the line, one swims down to depth and back again
Static Apnea- In the pool the diver flats face down holding their breath as long as possible
Dynamic Apnea- In the pool with a fin on one sees how many lengths they can swim underwater on a single breath
Dynamic Apnea without Fins – One a single breath and without the use of fins, one sees how many lengths of a pool they can swim.

During the seven day competition competitors will be able to make attempts during 5 ocean days and 5 pool days. They earn points as follows and the winner will be the diver with the overall highest point score in all disciplines.


Depth Disciplines:1 point for every meter of depth achieved
Static Apnea: 1 point for every 5 seconds of breath hold time
Dynamic and Dynamic No-Fins: 1 point for every 2 meters of distance

Approximate Schedule:
All pool times are 6pm-9pm and all boat trips are in the morning. This schedule is subject to change.

Thurs, April 19- Arrive Grand Cayman
Fri, April 20- Shore
Sat, April 21- Training- Shore
Sun, April 22- Training- Shore
Mon, April 23- Training- Shore
Tues, April 24- Training- Shore
Wed, April 25- Training- Boat 1
Thurs, April 26- Training- Shore

Fri, April 27- Training- Boat 1
Sat, April 28- Training – Boat 2
Sun, April 29- Training – Pool
Mon, April 30- Training – Boat 3
Tues, May 1- Training – Boat 4
Wed, May 2- Training – Boat 5 and Pool
Thurs, May 3- Training- Pool

Fri, May 4- Comp Day1 – Boat 6 / Eve Pool
Sat, May 5- Comp Day2 – Boat 7 / Eve Pool
Sun, May 6- Comp Day3 – Pool
Mon, May 7- Comp Day4 – Boat 8 / No Pool
Tues, May 8- Comp Day5 – Day pool
Wed, May 9 Comp Day6 – Boat 9 / Eve Pool
Thurs, May 10- Comp Day7 – Boat 10 / No Pool

In past years we have seen athletes from all over the world compete and break both National and World records during the Cayman events. That being said this competition is for Freedivers of all experince levels. Everyone from those entering their first ever competition to those with records are welcome.

Watch videos, read updates and relive last years competition by clicking here.

AIDA Judge Course

During the Grand Cayman event there will be a Judge in Learning Course offered by Grant Graves.

The course will allow you to become an AIDA International Judge Level E.  This makes you open to apply to all AIDA requests for judges.  The course will include judging theory and practical application.  The competition that follows will allow a unique opportunity to either complete the competition prerequisite to be a judge or earn credit as a judge in an actual competition.  This is a great chance to learn to be a judge and be able to use those new skills immediately after.

The course is open to any reasonably competent freediver.  There are a few other prerequisites to consider.


4.1 All persons wanting to become an International AIDA Judge (Level E) must complete the basic prerequisite course, which is given by a competent, recognized Judge Instructor by the AIDA Executive Board.

4.3 The basic course in order to become an International Judge Level E consists no less than the following conditions:

Requested conditions to finish the course

  • Minimum age of 21
  • AIDA Level Freediver * *
  • First Aid and CPR Certificate
  • Experience as a competitor, coach or safety-freediver at an official AIDA competition
  • Frogman Level Diver CMAS * (or equivalent) highly recommended. Mandatory for Judge’s levels A, B and C

If it is needed, we can conduct a CPR and First Aid Course during the event.  Details of that course will be arranged if required.  Not included in this course.

The course includes:

Course Content (16 hours minimum)

  • Introduction to AIDA philosophies (1/2 hour)
  • Theory on AIDA Team Competition regulation (1 1/2 hours)
  • Theory on AIDA Individual Competition regulation (1 1/2 hours)
  • Theory on AIDA regulation for Recognition of Records (1 1/2 hours)
  • Theory on the surfacing/end of performance – Black-out/Loss of Motor Control (2 1/2 hour)
  • Theory on dispute resolution and the AIDA Disciplinary Commission (1/2 hour)
  • Theory on disqualifications, penalties and sanctions (1/2 hour)
  • Theory on the organization of a competition and technical issues (1/2 hour)
  • Practical application on time, distance and depth determination (2 hours)
  • Practical application on the judgement of time and distance disciplines (2 hours)
  • Practical application on the judgement of depth disciplines (2 hours)
  • Practical application on in-water rescue procedures (1 hour)

The course is open to anyone interested.

The course cost is $395.00 which includes current rules and AIDA Judge Registration fee.  You must be a member of an AIDA National to become an active judge.

If you are a judge and want to sit in on the course to receive credit for an additional JIL, the cost of the course will be $100.00.

If you have any questions please contact Grant Graves directly at:

Click here to register