At our 2017 Deja Blue 8 event in Grand Cayman you can choose to do 1 or 2 weeks of the pre-comp Training Camp and/or an 8-day AIDA sanctioned Competition!

  • Three Week Option-April 29-May 21: Includes 2-weeks of training plus one week of competition.  This options gets you the best results!!! Click here to REGISTER NOW
  • Two week Option – May 6-21: Includes 1-week of training plus one week of competition.  Click here to REGISTER NOW
  • May 13 is a full rest day for athletes.  There will be Competition registration that evening.
  • One Week Option – May 14- 21: Includes the 8-day AIDA sanctioned Deja Blue 8 Competition.  This competition is World Recordable.  There will be a full rest day half way through on May 18.  Click here to REGISTER NOW
  • New Depth or Pool Only Options: You can register for 1-3 weeks of Depth Only or Pool Only Training at Deja Blue 8!  Select your Depth Training or Pool Training now as space is limited for these spots.


DB7GroupEach day of the Training Camps (held the first two weeks) includes 5 depth training sessions, unlimited static training and 2-3 dynamic training sessions.  Our world class safety crew will provide rig set up (in the ocean) as well as safety for warm ups and target performances.  You can learn how to make neck weights and fix wetsuits, will get tips and tricks from professional Freedivers on training techniques and will have the chance to review video of your performances in order to learn and improve.  You will be amazed at how much you can improve your Freediving at Deja Blue!

If you want to do the one or two week option on a week not listed (not over the competition) we can arrange that.  Email or call Mandy-Rae for options.

Phone: 866-388-6595


News & Updates

If you are a member of the Cayman Freediving Association (CFA) you can take part in their first ever Cayman Open National Competition that is being run in conjunction with Deja Blue 8 May 14-21, 2017.  Click here for more details:

Accommodations for Deja Blue 8

During the training and competition weeks the Deja Blue organizers, judges and most athletes stay at Coconut Bay Condos in West cocnutbayimageBay.  Accommodations are not included in the weekly fees (that is just for boat fees, competition fees, pool use, event vans for group transportation, safeties and such).

Duncan Heard ( Stingray Charters is the person to contact to book a room or whole condo.  Many athletes that are coming alone choose to book into a room with others from the event.  This can lower the nightly cost significantly.  Below are estimated costs in one of the 3-Bedroom, 3 1/2 bath condos at Coconut bay.

  • Whole 3-Bedroom condo is about $310/night.
  • A private room in a 3-bdr condo is about $110/night.
  •  A room with 2-people in a 3-bdr condo would be about $55/night (3 people would be about $37/night)
  • There are also a couple two bedroom condos.  Ask Duncan for cost.

Both the 3-bedroom and 2-Bedroom units  have full kitchens and most have BBQ’s.  There are two pools in the complex where static training and the competition for static happen.  The event vans pick up and return athletes to this complex as well.  All event meetings and any videos review will happen here to so it is very convenient place to stay.

img_1245If you choose to stay elsewhere that is fine.  The boat will usually leave from West bay dock so staying in West bay or along Seven Mile beach will be the closest options for you.

Do not leave this too long or your choices at Coconut Bay will become very limited.  Contact Duncan at:

Deja Blue 7 Wrap Up Video

Deja Blue Saftey Video

Deja Blue (AIDA) Rules Video