March Newsletter

By Mandy-Rae
In March 1, 2015

In this Letter:

  • Geared Up: DIY Fluid Goggles, Nose Clips
  • 6 Weeks Until Deja Blue 6: Only 4 spots left!
  • Meet the Deja Blue 6 Competitors!
  • Upcoming Freediving Courses

As Deja Blue 6 approaches we’ll be introducing and profiling the characters that make this event so memorable! There are currently 4 spaces left for competitors, register here to ensure your place on the boat.

Tom & Meghan Gilmore – Florida, USA
Tom and Meghan are making a family trip out of Deja Blue 6. In 2013 when Tom told his daughter that he had signed up for a class to learn how to freedive, Meghan’s instant response was, “I want to do that too!” Both father and daughter attended the PFI Intermediate Freediver courses in Fort Lauderdale, FL in 2013. Not long after, they were both in Kona, HI for the Advanced Freediver program lead by Kirk Krack. Tom wowed his instructors in the Advanced Freediver class when he performed a 7:09 static breath hold! During their class, the pair “competed” in CWT for the Gilmore Family champe’on and tied at 46m!

Tom continued into professional freediving education and became a PFI Freediver Instructor. He currently teaches PFI Freediver courses in Panama City Beach, FL.

Deja Blue 6 will be both Tom and Meghan’s first freediving competition. They are both interested in new personal best depths, hoping to exceed 55m and Tom would like to break his PB static (7:30 perhaps? wow!).


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