March 2015

By Mandy-Rae
In March 5, 2015

Welcome to the Newsletter for PFI Professionals

To all PFI Staff and Professionals,

April 26th we start our sixth Deja Blue competition in Cayman, and with that, PFI professionals become the main ingredient to bake this cake. As the competition draws near where we’ll likely see a full roster of 25 athletes this will be backed up by a complimenting staff of 23 people.

From a competition point of view, this crew is broken down into several categories: judges, safety freedivers, medical, safety rebreather divers, boat captains and media. Within each of these we double team certain tasks such as safety freedivers also do start lists and point updates, one judge is also doing video. When you think the ratio of athletes to volunteers is almost one-to-one and the vast majority of this is dedicated to safety (16 people) its obvious that we take this aspect of the event most seriously.

At the recent Blue Wild Expo in Fort Lauderdale I gave a presentation on aspects of Technical Freediving and its applications and hazards. Cayman last year we introduced the idea of safety scooter freediver as a deep bail-out for the athletes at 40m and with this the use of enriched air mixtures of 32% nitrox (eanx) as a surface breathing gas. This had many noticeable advantages (from my experience) with the most notable being that of less decompression stress, more relaxed breath-holds and easier day end recovery. This year at DBVI we’ll be introducing that for all line A & B safety freedivers but we’ll also be wrapping this around a study with the assistance of Dr. John Fiener, MD and Professor UCSF Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Care.

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