(Formerly known as the “Basic Freediver” course)

Upcoming Courses

Location Info

Courses in Calgary are offered through AquaSport Scuba Center which is located at 101-3411 20th St SW, Calgary, AB Canada Phone: 403-686-6166.

Open Water Sessions

Open water sessions will be held outside of Calgary and will most likely be a day or weekend trip.  Details are provided on a per course basis.

Instructor Information

The PFI Basic Freediver courses in Calgary, AB Canada are taught by PFI Instructor Charles Beddoe.  You may also see Charles as Intermediate Assisant Instructor, teaching other PFI courses along side Kirk Krack and Mandy-Rae Cruickshank.

Equipment Requirements

For the Basic Freediver course you can make do with wearing the same gear you use for snorkeling or scuba.  If possible, having gear that is made specifically for Freediving will help with your overall performance and better your overall experience.  Below are items that you need for the course with some freediving specific suggestions.

  • Mask, fins and snorkel – Preferably low volume mask and long blade fins.
  • Wetsuit – 3mm wetsuit suit is required for pool and 5-7mm suit for open water sessions. A good freediving suit with attached hood is recommended but you can get away with surf/scuba wetsuits. If your hood is not attached please bring a separate one.
  • Weights and weight belt – Best choice is a rubber weight belt with an assortment of smaller weights to adjust for proper buoyancy.
  • Depth and/or timing device – A waterproof watch at the very least, better yet a freediving computer is perfect.

Check out our general gear recommendations.

To Register for Calgary Courses

For more information or to register for a course please contact AquaSport Scuba Centre at 403-686-6166.

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