Deja Blue 7 May 9-15, 2016

Deja Blue Training Starts April 24!

Deja Blue is Back in Cayman, April-May 2016!

  • Competition Week May 9-15, 2016
  • Maximum of 25 Competitors so register with deposit early!
  • Training weeks will be offered before hand starting April 24, 2016.  You can do 1-2 weeks of training before the competition starts.

Deja Blue 7 Disciplines from Performance Freediving on Vimeo.

Deja Blue 7 Competitors

See this years competitors list in Grand Cayman: Click Here to View


Disciplines at this year’s event include the following:

Constant Weight – Diving down and back up under ones own power wearing a fin Free Immersion – Using the line, one pulls themselves down to depth and back up Constant No-Fins – Without the use of fins or the line, one swims down to depth and back again Static Apnea- In the pool the diver flats face down holding their breath as long as possible Dynamic Apnea- In the pool with a fin on one sees how many lengths they can swim underwater on a single breath Dynamic Apnea without Fins – One a single breath and without the use of fins, one sees how many lengths of a pool they can swim.

During the seven day competition competitors will be able to make attempts during 5 ocean days and 5 pool days. They earn points as follows and the winner will be the diver with the overall highest point score in all disciplines.


Depth Disciplines:1 point for every meter of depth achieved Static Apnea: 1 point for every 5 seconds of breath hold time Dynamic and Dynamic No-Fins: 1 point for every 2 meters of distance

Deja Blue 7: Rules from Performance Freediving on Vimeo.

Prizes: TBA

Event Calendar

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