Proof is in the Pudding:

In the many years since PFI’s inception and the additional years since its first concept was developed, we continue to be the industry leader in the sport and recreation of Freediving.

Not only have we in all our iterations worked with seven athletes to 22 world records, too many national records to recount, we routinely work along side actors training for movies such as The Cove, Suicide Squad, Avatar and many more. We are also paired with some of the world’s top spearfish men and women, as well as the world’s most extreme and special operators with Red Bull and the Special Forces, Doctors specializing in Hyperbaric chamber studies, anesthesia, biologists, sports medicine and kinesiology to name a few, all the while developing the industry’s most complete and specific standards for student and instructor programs. We’re the company, the world’s best and most extreme call upon.

Now PFI enters a new generation in an on-going development to further its education in both the physical and mental boundaries of freediving. In the past our national and world record athletes have been our students and instructors. But in previous Déjà Blue competitions we also witnessed amazing amounts of US National Records fall by students of our instructors, the next level of development within PFI.

A great example of our student accomplishments lies in the Grand Cayman Competition, Deja Blue. Here we have seen multiple records fall from Steve Benson, setting the static apnea record at the time to 7:42, which only recently got moved- at Deja Blue! By another talented athlete pushing the static to 8:35. The PFI team is more than just a team it is a family. All instructors are happy to help train one another to each personal best and encourage one another to go the distance and reach new goals. We have a wonderful relationship with our affiliate instructors who hav

Why2e all come through PFI originally and have branched to make their own dive companies. They are wonderful coaches as well and have helped train some of our athletes to the constant weight record of 91m at the time. PFI associated affiliate instructors and companies we now show that the training standards and methodologies work. ‘The proof is in the pudding’ so to speak.

Therefore, as our list of instructors continues to grow worldwide, a student can be rest assured they are working with instructors of the highest caliber and adhere to the strictest industry training standards and methods. Although there is many other emerging freedivng companies coming to flourish none can meet our safety standards. With the growing market many feel the need to reach “quantity over quality” which goes against the grain at PFI. Even with our expanding numbers and vast increase in demand to teach all over the globe- loosening up the training standards to make it easier to ‘gain market share’ would be detrimental not only to the lives of our students but to the lives of our instructors, peers and PFI Family. We steer in the opposite direction from the herd. We’re continuing to tighten up and make our instructor training standards more rigorous.

Being fully able to focus on the dive is one of our goals for a student.   Reassuring all students safety is another, we accomplish this by giving each student the personal satisfaction or piece of mind they know during every single one of their dives a PFI Instructor is required to be within 15ft/5m at all times. On top of thi

s they must have the ability to intervene during a students dive, do a number of what we call ‘capacity’ requirements- meaning the instructor must perform a certain amount of dives within a specific time period. All the while the instructor is still teaching a class, doing their own breathe up, watch and observe for safety, and solve problems at depth. Once on the surface the instructor must continually show demonstrations and communicate to the class how to be calm and be in a relaxed “dive mind” throughout their time in the open water session. Here at PFI we take the safety simulations and standards to heart and never end a day without the practice of safety testing.

All of the instructors who come through my program pass PFI rigorous safety standards, including the classroom skills, capacity dives and stress tests. Let me put your mind further at ease by telling you the 100% pass rate for the instructor exams is difficult to obtain for good reason. In my opinion is not only the training; it is going through the simulations, testing and practical’s. Come see for yourself!

Because our expectations and requirements are very high, very strict, we feel it’s in the best interest of the candidate and their future students to be 100% ready, if we feel they need to work on their confidence as a teacher to learn how to connect with a student or feel they need a little boost before they are ready to t

ech on their own we have specific programs to help buddy a new instructor with a veteran instructor in order to guide/ mentor them into their level of confidence.

Not to blow our own horn, but when 8 National records and 2 world records are broken by 3 PFI Instructors and 2 of their students in only one competition-along with multiple other national records won by other PFI students and instructors at multiple competition it shows the science an the educational standards hold and-

Proof is in the pudding.

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Kirk Krack, President/Founder Performance Freediving International Inc