Safe Buddy


This program is designed to educate uncertified Freedivers, and aquatic minded persons in the safety and rescue techniques necessary for safer Breath-holding. This program will help to increase safety awareness during recreational breath-holding/freediving activities. This course does not include any instruction on increasing Freediving performances or improving form.


Registration will be at 9:30am and will run for about 3hrs.

The Safe Buddy course consists of one knowledge development session (1 to 2-hours long) followed by a 2-hour pool session. There is no open water training in this course.


There are no prerequisites for the Safe Buddy program except good health (please take a look at the PFI medical form for any contradictions).

Register now for the Dec 19, 2013 Edmonton program.

*there is also a full day 9:30am-4pm option where you will get more breath-hold training and safety practice.  Click here for details.

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