Learn to freedive down to a maximum depth of 20m/66 feet!
This program teaches fundamental Freediving techniques for comfortable enjoyment in the aquatic world to depths of 20m / 66ft. You will also practice Static Apnea to help develop your breath-holding abilities and in-water comfort.

Your PFI Freediver course will cover fundamental topics such as:

• Essential Safety procedures for Breath-Holding at Freediver Level
• Proper Breathing Techniques for Freediving and Snorkeling
• Confined-Water skill development i.e. Static Apnea
• Open-Water skill development i.e. technique for Deep Diving!
• Equalization for Deep Diving
• Equipment for Freediving and Snorkeling
• The fundamental Physics & Physiology of Freediving—what happens to your body at depths!

Is this course for you?

• You’re interested in learning the fundamental techniques of Freediving
• You’re new to Freediving
• You typically dive in the shallows
• You want to dive Safely
• You want to hold your breath Longer
• You want to Dive Deeper

Download and review the PFI medical form. If you say YES to any questions you may need to get doctors approval to take part in the course. Email us if you have any questions about the medical form.

Format / Duration 2-2.5 days

This course is taught by highly trained PFI Instructors at locations all over the world. The PFI Freediver course includes:
• Classroom Sessions,
• 2 Confined-Water Sessions, and
• 2 Open-Water Sessions.
The schedule and layout/order of these sessions varies slightly by location. The program is typically run over 2/2.5 days depending on the location of your course. Click the “Location & Schedule Information” link on any particular course to find out exact schedule for that program.


There are many skills which will be repeatedly practiced, simulated and taught throughout the duration of every course.  It should be noted in order to pass course a student must compete all the classroom sessions as well as the the pool and ocean sessions.  Parallel to participation, a student will receive a certificate based on the skills and objectives they complete, even that is lower than the course they are currently taking.  There are both pool and ocean qualifications to pass each PFI course.  If a student is only looking to pass the pool section, the instructors at PFI are happy to accommodate but would need to be informed before the class begins.  For the Freediver course a student must preform:

  • Adequate safe buddy skills, showing how perform a rescue to the PFI standards
  • Perform a 1:30 static in the pool- with ample opportunity to increase to maximum capacity
  • Dive with proper technique to 10 meters constant weight and free immersion using PFI method of entrance and exit- with proper recovery breathing
  • If only receiving pool cert must complete 25 meter dynamic plus the static


  • Attend all classroom teaching sessions
  • Complete all quizzes in manual
  • Complete pre learning quiz before class
  • Pass final with 80 percent or more

Watermanship & Stamina

  • Prepare Freediving Equipment without Instructor Assistance
  • Proper Entry Procedure (select best local option)
  • 25 meter no mask snorkel swim without surfacing
  • Snorkel blast clearing

Recovery breathing and coaching

  • Minimum of 4 consecutive static breath-holds without any hypoxic symptoms minimum of 1:30
  • Recovery breathing and coaching for buddy (cleanse for pool)
  • Pool only: Minimum of 3 dynamic performances no hypoxic symptoms along with static
  • Pool only: Complete a minimum 25m dynamic apnea no hypoxic symptoms along with static

Open Water

  • Recovery Breathing and Coaching (hooking)
  • Six target constant ballast dives reaching minimum 10m/33ft
  • Emergency Rescue & Problem Management (Rescue Scenarios)
    • Managing a LMC and Black Out on surface and underwater Black Out
  • Full mask flood and ascend at depth


• Swimming or snorkeling experience
• Good health and fitness
–see PFI Medical Form
• 12 years of age with guardian permission

What to bring

For this course, each diver is responsible for bringing his or her own equipment

• Mask & Snorkel
• Full Wetsuit (3mm for warm-water locations; 5-7mm for cold-water locations)
• Weight-Belt
• Fins
• Timing device or Dive Computer


PFI Freediver course prices vary by location and instructor, but start at $395. The tuition price covers the following:
• Personalized instruction from highly trained freediving specialists, national & world record holders and/or trainer
• 1 instructor/assistant : 5 student divers Ratio
• PFI Freediver student manual & workbook
• Pool & Classroom sessions
• Open-Water instruction
• PFI T-Shirt—varies by instructor
• Certification card
If a boat is required for Open-Water sessions at your location, a Boat Fee may be applied in addition to the course tuition. This fee, if applicable, will be
 described on specific course-location pages.


See our upcoming courses page for more information on when and where courses are happening. You can also contact a PFI Instructor directly if you don’t see a course that fits your schedule. Not all programs are posted on this website.

Registration and Payment Details

To secure your spot in a course, we need to receive your registration and either a 50% deposit or full payment. Any outstanding course balance is due by the start of the course. See our course schedule to register.

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