Recreational Freediver Programs


PFI offers recreational courses to fit any and all Freediving abilities, goals or needs.  Whether you have little to no water experience, or decades of it, by taking any of the PFI courses offered we guarantee you will take away learning how to be a combination of the following three things, #1 – Be Safer in the water, expand your capacity by #2 – Freediving Deeper, #3 – Freedive Longer.

Once you find a course level that’s right for you (feel free to call or email us with questions, contact) check out the Upcoming Courses link to find a date and location that fits for you. Since PFI is global- we have instructors all over the world! This includes but is not limited to, USA, Canada, Brazil, and Singapore.  Some of our instructors are also multilingual and offer to teach in different languages as well.  Even as our list of instructors continues to grow worldwide, rest assured that you’re working with instructors of the highest caliber and adhere to the strictest industry training standards and methods. We strongly believe in what we educate making sure all of our instructors have routine check-ins and are actively participating in ways to further their education in safety.   While most other emerging and established certifying agencies tend to loosen up the training standards to make it easier to ‘gain market share’ we are heading in the opposite direction from the herd. We’re continuing to tighten up and make our instructor training standards more rigorous. Please read more in how PFI is the leading freediving source for educational standards, safety, physical and case studies along with more at our about us section written by CEO Kirk Krack.

PFI’s training philosophy and goals can be summoned up in its original motto of “Safety through Education”. This was the developing creed by which PFI was conceived; first look at how your safety is affected and then second look at the performance aspects of Freediving. With these important elements in mind one can then fully enjoy the amazing experience and challenge that Freediving can bring as a lifelong sport and lifestyle.