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Are you interested in working as a supervisor during Freediver, Intermediate and Advanced Freediver training? Leading guided freedives with individuals and groups by shore or boat? What about lending your skills and experience as a safety freediver for world champion freedivers are competitions and records? Maybe you just want to be more self-sufficient and responsible when spearfishing and freediving offshore and away from easy ambulance or paramedic support? Where do you get these skills and what’s involved in the training?

The PFI Safety Supervisor Freediver program trains you in the areas of safety and supervision at both a recreational, competitive and professional level. This three day program will increase your skills and confidence to supervise students in training situations under the guidance of an instructor, act as a guide with recreational freedivers and spearfishermen, or as a primary safety freediver during world championship level competitions or record events. Training includes rescue situation and simulations employing basic life support with full egress and evacuation management by land, sea and air. Basic Life Support training and certification including CPR and AR, oxygen administration and the use of AED’s. Knowledge development includes safety and supervision procedures for competitions and advanced level training programs, roles of primary and secondary safety freedivers, active and passive freediver retrieval system set-up and use, searches and evacuation or missing and/or injured freedivers.

Program Pre-requisites

Minimum age of 18 years (16 with written consent of legal guardian).

Excellent swimming skills and in-water comfort.

PFI Intermediate Freediver or equivalent skill level.

Qualification of Graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may act as a safety freediver during competitions and events or as a supervising freediver during educational programs.

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates are qualified to enroll in the PFI Assistant Instructor course.

Classroom / Pool & Open Water

Classroom time – 7.5 Hours (3 X 2.5 Hours)

Confined water time – 4.5 Hours (3 X 1.5 Hours)

Open water dive time – 6.0 Hours (2 X 3.0 Hours)


This 3-day course is $445. Membership and liability insurance is extra ($125 annually).

Question & Answer

QUESTION: Will the course go over proper breath-ups, freediving techniques and other things we learned in the PFI Intermediate Freediver program?

ANSWER: No, but many of the rescue scenarios will utilize improper techniques as demonstrations that lead to problems as examples. This program doesn’t teach freediving techniques, that’s why your prerequisite is the Intermediate Freediver program and where you learned this information initially. The Safety / Supervisor program is a focused program involving the expanded knowledge and skills required of safety freedivers in the pool or ocean or skills and knowledge for those persons wanting to help out and act as a safety for PFI Basic – Advanced level programs.

QUESTION: Several years ago I took a CPR program. Will I still have to go through this portion of the program?

ANSWER: CPR, AED and Oxygen Administration are certificates that need to be renewed every two years to be current. However when you took these programs they were from a land based or scuba diving point of view. We’ll teach the same program, but we’ll focus the light from a freediving specific point of view with scenarios realistic to freediving competitions, training or spearfishing.

QUESTION: I’ve already completed the PFI Advanced Freediver program. Will I need to take the Safety / Supervisor program?

ANSWER: No, however with new program implementation and upgrading of new materials, an online upgrade may be required for those PFI Advanced Freediver students certified prior to Jan 2008. So this means if you took the program 2007 or earlier, you’ll need to upgrade to the current program.

QUESTION: If I need to upgrade my PFI Safety / Supervisor Freediver what are my options?

ANSWER: PFI always offers for each of its programs including the Safety / Supervisor Freediver a refresher program. This is the whole program including updated manuals, classroom, pool and ocean dives. Current cost of this program is $395usd. Another option if you’re a PFI Intermediate Freediver is to take the PFI Advanced Freediver program which includes the Safety / Supervisor Freediver program.

QUESTION: Will I need membership and liability insurance after I take the PFI Safety / Supervisor Freediver program?

ANSWER: If you’re taking the program for your own personal knowledge and skills then you shouldn’t require it. If you’re using your skills and applying them for others benefit and theirs an expectation of responsibility, then it’s likely a good idea. PFI Safety / Supervisor Freediver membership is $245usd and includes insurance for working members.

QUESTION: Where might I use these skills?

ANSWER: As of 2009 Performance Freediving International is looking to embark on a system of utilizing Safety / Supervisor Freedivers to enhance the effectiveness, supervision and videography of our programs. Although the compensation structure has yet to be determined it’ll be an immediate means of utilizing these skills.

Within North America and the Carribbean, approximately 6-10 AIDA sanctioned freediving competitions occur each year and this is a perfect place to also use these skills. If you work on or have a charter boat these are valuable skills as well as if you belong to a freediving or spearfishing club having the knowledge to set-up safe practice sessions. Being the certified Safety / Supervisor Freediver with membership and insurance you may be able to approach pools with your skills and insurance to offer practice session to local members to practice.

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