PFI Freediver Instructor Exam

(Formerly known as the “Basic Freediver Instructor Exam”)

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Once you have completed your Assistant Instructor certification you are ready to take the 2-day Freediver Instructor Exam so you can start teaching your own PFI Freediver courses.

Program Pre-requisites

Minimum age of 21 years
Be certified as a PFI Assistant Instructor
Be certified as a PFI Safety / Supervisor Freediver
Be in good medical & physical condition and with above average swimming skills
Submit documentation proving current CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Administration and AED certification within 2 years.

Qualification of Graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in teaching freediving activities as a PFI Instructor.

Schedule for Classroom / Pool and Open Water

2-days of theory exams, academic presentations, confined water and open water teaching presentations.

Graduation Requirements

In order to successfully complete the course students must:

Pass all academic knowledge quizzes and exams
Demonstrate mastery and understanding of Basic Instructor level supervision skills
Demonstrate mastery in confined water & open water skills
Demonstrate instructor level rescue and egress skills
Demonstrate safe and responsible diving practices
Present an academic presentation within the outlines of a passing score
Present a confined water & a open water teaching presentation within the outlines of a passing score.


This Freediver Instructor Exam is $695. Membership and liability insurance is extra.


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