PFI Assistant Freediving Instructor

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This is an Assistant Instructor certification for individuals wishing to learn the fundamentals of teaching and the use of educational tools and systems, educational philosophies, assisting and supervising breath hold divers during training and recreational freediving.

Program Pre-requisites

Minimum age of 21 years

Be certified as a PFI Intermediate Freediver or higher

Be certified as a PFI Safety / Supervisor Freediver

Be in good medical & physical condition and with above average swimming skills

Submit documentation proving current CPR, First Aid, Oxygen Administration and AED certification within 2 years.

Qualification of Graduates

Upon successful completion of this course, graduates may engage in co-teaching freediving activities under the direct supervision of a PFI Instructor.

Graduates may also be qualified to enroll in the Instructor Evaluation program for qualification as a Basic Freediver Instructor or higher (experience dependent).

Schedule for Classroom / Pool and Open Water

Classroom time – 16 Hours

Confined water time – 8 Hours

Open water dive time – 4.5 Hours

Graduation Requirements

In order to successfully complete the course students must:

Pass all academic knowledge quizzes and exams

Demonstrate mastery and understanding of Assistant Instructor level supervision skills

Demonstrate mastery in confined water & open water skills

Demonstrate instructor level rescue and egress skills

Demonstrate safe and responsible diving practices

Present an academic presentation within the outlines of a passing score

Present a confined water & a open water teaching presentation within the outlines of a passing score.


This 4-day course is $545. Membership and liablility insurance is extra.

What next?

After certification as a PFI Assistant Freediving Instructor you can take the 2-day PFI Basic Instructor Exam to become an instructor. This means you will be able to teach your own PFI Freediving courses. PFI will even help advertise your PFI courses on our website!

Upcoming Courses

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