We developed this package as most people tend to take all three professional programs consecutively and want to do the Safety Supervisor course as part of the Advanced course.  So here you are one registration that includes Advanced Freediver w/Safety Supervisor, Assistant Instructor and Freediver Instructor Exam.  This package will give you all those courses and will save you $150 by taking them all together!

What is included?

All of your manuals as well as two shirts are included along with the following courses (click on the links to view the specifics of each course):

  1. Advanced Freediver – 6-days and includes the 3-day Safety Supervisor  course.  This is where you learn how to provide top notch safety both recreationally and during courses as well as great improve your personal Freediving ability in Static, Dynamic and Constant weight (down to 60m/200ft).
  2. Assistant Freediver Instructor – 4-days long (this is where you are taught how to teach – if you are already an instructor with another agency or in scuba you don’t need to do this level)
  3. Freediver Instructor Exam – 2-days long and is where you are evaluated on your teaching and Freediving skills.


You need to be a certified PFI Intermediate Freediver.  if you are certified by another agency please call us to see about your options on crossing over.  Please read each of the course information pages to get specific info on each course in this package.

Cost is $2085 (boat fees are extra where applicable)

* Also available is the Professional Program Package without Advanced Freediver.

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