These are courses that have been selected as a special course offering for AAUS (American Academy of Underwater Science) members.  The 6-day long programs will include both the PFI Intermediate Freediver and PFI Safety Supervisor programs.  Details of each course are listed below.

Intermediate Freediver

Instructs divers in essential Freediving safety and problem management with a high emphasis on proper technique development, training and equipment for diving in depths up to 40 meters/132 feet. Instructors will thoroughly cover the physics and physiology of freediving along with training programs to better further the freedivers physical and mental performance.

  • Intermediate Safety and Buddy Procedures
  • Equipment for Performance Freediving
  • Proper Ventilation for Gas Saturation and Volume
  • Psychological Aspects of Freediving
  • Physics and Physiology of Freediving
  • Confined Water Static Apnea Development
  • Open Water Constant Ballast Development
  • Techniques for Intermediate Freediving


Safety Supervisor

Are you interested in working as a supervisor during Freediver, Intermediate and Advanced Freediver training? Leading guided freedives with individuals and groups by shore or boat? What about lending your skills and experience as a safety freediver for world champion freedivers are competitions and records? Maybe you just want to be more self-sufficient and responsible when spearfishing and freediving offshore and away from easy ambulance or paramedic support? Where do you get these skills and what’s involved in the training?

The PFI Safety Supervisor Freediver program trains you in the areas of safety and supervision at both a recreational, competitive and professional level. This three day program will increase your skills and confidence to supervise students in training situations under the guidance of an instructor, act as a guide with recreational freedivers and spearfishermen, or as a primary safety freediver during world championship level competitions or record events. Training includes rescue situation and simulations employing basic life support with full egress and evacuation management by land, sea and air. Basic Life Support training and certification including CPR and AR, oxygen administration and the use of AED’s. Knowledge development includes safety and supervision procedures for competitions and advanced level training programs, roles of primary and secondary safety freedivers, active and passive freediver retrieval system set-up and use, searches and evacuation or missing and/or injured freedivers.

Program Pre-requisites

  • Minimum age of 18 years (16 with written consent of legal guardian).
  • Freediver or experience with Freediving, spearfishing or scuba diving (general comfort in the water).
  • Good health and fitness and excellent swimming skills and in-water comfort.
  • Static Apnea (breath-hold) of 1:00 minute dry
  • Constant Ballast (unassisted freedive) of 6 meters / 20 feet
  • Current First Aid, CPR and oxygen certification

Includes the following:

  • Personalized instruction from world record holders & trainer
  • 1 instructor/assistant : 6 student divers ratio (in-water)
  • ‘Intermediate Freediver and Safety Supervisor Student Manual’
  • Pool and Classroom sessions
  • Open Water instruction
  • Hands on experience with specialty freediving equipment
  • Clinic DVD and PFI T-Shirt
  • Certification card
  • *Boat and other travel related fees may be an additional charge where applicable (Florida location will have a boat fee of about $55usd per dive day)

Course Schedule

This special 6-day program will run from 8am-6pm each day (an hour lunch break will be given around noon each day as well as short breaks when needed). The days will follow closely as possible to the following schedule:

Day 1: Class from 8am-2pm; Pool from 3-6pm

Day 2: Pool from 8am-10am; Class from 11am-1pm; Ocean from 2pm-6pm

Day 3: Class from 8am-1pm; Ocean from 2pm-6pm

Day 4: Class from 8am-12pm; Ocean from 2pm-6pm

Day 5: Class from 8am-10am; Pool from 10:30am-12pm; Ocean from 2-6pm

Day 6: Class from 8am-10am; Pool from 10:30am-12pm; Ocean from 2-6pm


This program is $745usd plus any boat fees.  You also need to provide all of your own gear (Check out gear recommendations for this course).