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Experience Counts! Performance Freediving has been around for over 12 years teaching PFI Freediving Programs to more than 5500 people from all over the world.  A letter from PFI founder, Kirk Krack, explains more in-depth what sets PFI’s instructors apart from all the others out there.  Read the full document here.

  • Kirk Krack, lead instructor, has trained and set up world record events for many world record athletes such as Brett LeMaster, Tanya Streeter, Martin Stepanek, Karol Meyer, Eric Fattah, Mandy-Rae Cruickshank and Ashley Chapman.
  • PFI instructors Mandy-Rae Cruickshank and Kirk Krack are highly acclaimed world record freedivers and/or trainers. Each has an extensive instructional background at the instructor trainer level with many scuba diving agencies.
  • All instructional assistants and instructors of PFI have proven themselves in a rigorous and thorough training program and have the highest level of freediving experience.  Many of them holding or have held national records.
  • Low instructor-to-student ratios mean that, in the water, you will have one instructor to two buddy teams (up to five students). Our in-water system is set up in a way that you will have four to five student divers per line. This means you get a lot of attention from our instructors with no crowds on your diving line.
  • Post course follow-up includes a certification card. Many boats, pools and open water sites are starting to impose strict no-breathhold rules at their facilities. PFI is working to have them recognize our certification cards and allow our students to dive at their facilities.
  • Our members-only website and chat list for PFI students will give you access to training tips, new developments in the Freediving world, and much more! Enjoy chatting with hundreds of other divers from all over the world that have taken a PFI course on our eGroups list.

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Performance Freediving offers multi-faceted educational freediving courses targeted at a wide range of snorkelers, freedivers and spearfisherman. Not all courses are suitable for every person and individuals of different levels of experience require different training. Read below to see what course you are best suited for.

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