And the Winner is…

1 Hawkeye Parker – USA 70 52 61 83 54 48.5 368.5
2 Ben Weiss – USA 52 40 58 72.2 50 40 312.2
3 Joe Sheridan – USA 50 25 45 61.4 38 44.5 263.9
4 Greg Fee – Canada 28 33 6 52 54.5 39 212.5
5 Ted Harty – USA 65 69.5 134.5
1 Rosibel Molina – CUBA 50 36 66 72.6 71 50 345.6
2 Ashley Futral – USA 55 43 52 54.6 62 44 310.6
3 Jennifer Balfour – CAN 42 22 45 46 30 33 218
4 Junko Kitahama – JPN 60 60.6 62.5 183.1
5 Francesca Koe – USA 32 12 56.4 27 127.4
6 Erin Magee – USA 71 71

May 14, Competition Results – Final Day

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty/Record
1 Erin Magee CWT 71m  71m 71 NR – USA
2 Junko Kitahama CWT 66m  56m 45 SHORT
3 Ted Harty CWT 65m 65m  65
4 Ben Weiss CWT 62m  44m  25 SHORT
5 Hawkeye Parker CWT 61m  61m  61
6 Joe Sheridan FIM 50m  50m  50
7 Ashley Futral CNF 43m  43m  43
8 Jennifer Balfour FIM 42m  42m  42
9 Greg Fee CWT 37m  22m  6 SHORT
10 Rosibel Molina CNF 36m  36m  36 NR – CUBA
11 Francesca Koe CWT 34m  34m  0 BO

May 13, Competition Results

Depth 9am

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty
1 Erin Magee CWT 69m  62m 54 SHORT
2 Junko Kitahama CWT 66m  60m  53  SHORT
3 Ted Harty CWT 64m  59m  53  SHORT
4 Ashley Futral FIM 55m  55m  55
5 Rosibel Molina FIM 50m  50m  50
6 Ben Weiss CNF 40m  40m  40
7 Greg Fee CWT 39m  23m  6  SHORT
8 Francesca Koe CWT 33m  23m  12  SHORT
9 Joe Sheridan CNF 25m  25m  25
10 Jennifer Balfour CNF 22m  22m  22

Pool 6pm

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty
1 Hawkeye Parker DNF 1m  107m 48.5 SURF-GRAB
2 Rosibel Molina DYN 20m  142m  71
3 Ashley Futral DYN 25m  124m  62
4 Jennifer Balfour DNF 35m  50m  25
5 Joe Sheridan DNF 50m  89m  44.5
6 Greg Fee DYN 52m  109m  54.5
7 Junko Kitahama DYN 75m  64m  26.5  SHORT
8 Ted Harty DYN 125m  73m  0  DQ-AIR

May 12, Competition Results – Pool

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty/Record
1 Ben Weiss STA 0:07  6:01 72.2
2 Rosibel Molina STA 1:00  6:03  72.6  NR – CUBA
3 Junko Kitahama STA 1:23  5:03  60.6
4 Greg Fee STA 3:04  4:20  52.0
5 Ted Harty DYN 1m  100m  50
6 Ashley Futral DYN 25m  124m  0 DQ-BO
7 Francesca Koe DNF 25m  54m  27
8 Jennifer Balfour DYN 45m  60m  30
9 Hawkeye Parker DNF 50m  84m  42
10 Joe Sheridan DNF 50m  78m  39

May 11, Competition Results – Depth

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty
1 Hawkeye Parker FIM 70m  70m  70
2 Erin Magee CWT 69m  63m  56 SHORT
3 Rosibel Molina CWT 66m  66m  66
4 Ted Harty CWT 61m  61m  61
5 Junko Kitahama CWT 60m  60m  60
6 Ashley Futral FIM 55m  2m  0  DQ AIR
7 Jennifer Balfour CWT 45m  45m  45
8 Ben Weiss CNF 42m  DNS
9 Joe Sheridan FIM 40m  40m  40
10 Francesca Koe FIM 32m  32m  32

May 10, Competition Results – Pool

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty
1 Ashley Futral DYN 25m 126m 63
2 Jennifer Balfour DNF 32m 66m 33
3 Greg Fee DNF 49m 78m 39
4 Joe Sheridan DYN 50m 76m 38
5 Ted Harty DYN 125m 99m 0 SP/AIR
6 Junko Kitahama DYN 125m 73m 10.5 SHORT
7 Rosibel Molina STA 1:00 6:04 0 SP
8 Francesca Koe STA 3:00 4:42 56.4
9 Ben Weiss STA 5:01 DNS
10 Hawkeye Parker STA 5:15 6:55 83

Update #6- May 9, 2010

Well as you all have seen we’ve had a great beginning to our competition and we’re not even half way through yet! There’s a tight race for first place in the Men’s category: Ted reached 149m in dynamic during yesterday’s pool session, Hawkeye blew everyone away with his 52m constant no fins dive, Ben did an easy 63m free immersion (in spite of having to drag a float 15 feet underwater during the first part of his dive!), Greg reached a new personal best in no fins and Joe has been riding the sink phase wave on his dives. We’re all very excited to see how they all do!

The women have been putting up some impressive scores too- Rosibel threw down a 5:33 static, which is an easy one for her! Jen reached a new personal best and keeps impressing everyone as she pushes those numbers deeper and deeper. Junko turned a bit early, but after announcing that she’s sending her monkeys back to Japan via Fedex Express, we’re sure she’s going to hit it hard next time! Ashley had a little trouble with a squeeze on her 61m dive, but since she’s already done that depth in the past she’ll rock it on Thursday. Francesca did her first competition dive today and got her first white card in the ocean! I had a good dive today too after flubbing my surface protocol on my 63m dive yesterday- the judges were laughing as I VERY deliberately went through the protocol today.

And as you can see our video guys finished the first video of the competition- a big thanks to Ren, Garo, Matt, Kirk and Tavia to getting all that great footage and to Ren doubly for editing it to make it what it is! Thanks to Ted too for making the soundtrack!

Until next time,


May 9th – Competition Day 2 Results

Sunday May 9th – 9am Depth

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty
1 Erin Magee CWT 66m 66m 66
2 Ben Weiss FIM 63m 63m 52 TAG/LINE
3 Rosibel Molina CWT 61m 1m 0 DBLSTART
4 Ted Harty CWT 58m 58m 58
5 Junko Kitahama CNF 54m 39m 0 PULLING
6 Hawkeye Parker CNF 52m 52m 52
7 Joe Sheridan CWT 45m 45m 45
8 Greg Fee FIM 37m 33m 28 SHORT
9 Jennifer Balfour FIM 36m 36m 36
10 Ashley Futral CNF 30m 30m 30
11 Francesca Koe FIM 25m 25m 25

Sunday May 9th – 6pm Pool

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty
1 Ashley Futral DNF 25m  88m 44
2 Francesca Koe DNF 25m  41m  0 AIR
3 Jennifer Balfour DYN 45m  53m  26.5
4 Rosibel Molina DNF 50m  100m  50
5 Greg Fee DYN 51m  89m  44.5
6 Hawkeye Parker DYN 75m  108m  54
7 Ben Weiss DYN 75m  100m  50
8 Junko Kitahama DYN 100m  125m  62.5
9 Joe Sheridan STA 04:00  05:12  61.4

May 8th – Competition Day 1 Results

Saturday May 8th – 9am Depth

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty
1 Erin Magee CWT 63m 63m 0 SP
2 Ashley Futral CWT 61m 57M 52 SHORT
3 Rosibel Molina CWT 58m 58M 58
4 Hawkeye Parker CWT 58m 58M 58
5 Ben Weiss CWT 58m 58M 58
6 Ted Harty CWT 55m 55M 55
7 Junko Kitahama CNF 53m 46M 0 PULL
8 Jennifer Balfour CWT 45m 35M 24 SHORT
9 Joe Sheridan CWT 40m 40M 40
10 Greg Fee CNF 33m 33M 33
11 Francesca Koe FIM 20m DNS

Saturday May 8th – 6-8pm POOL

Diver # Name Discipline AP RP Points Penalty
1 Jennifer Balfour STA 03:00 03:50 46
2 Ashley Futral STA 03:00 04:33 54.6
3 Francesca Koe STA 03:05 03:42 44.4
4 Greg Fee STA 03:42 03:03 28.8 SHORT
5 Joe Sheridan STA 04:00 05:53 0 BO
6 Rosibel Molina STA 05:00 05:33 66.6
7 Hawkeye Parker STA 05:00 07:03 0 BO
8 Ben Wiess DNF 58m 80M 40
9 Junko Kitahama DYN 75m 75M 37.5
10 Ted Harty DYN 75m 149M 69.5

Update #5- May 5, 2010- a word from the competitors:

So as promised- a few words from the divers!

Junko: Now I know how to swim with the borrowed monofin, a big thanks, Erin! I did not make my depth today but I know what I need to do now to go deeper tomorrow. It was a great training day today for me and now I’m ready to go deep!

Joe: After the first two days of depth training I got two personal bests, one at 35m and next at 40m….kicking the whole way! Having so much fun, losing track of which day of the week it is! Iwent out with the crew for two sessions of scooter rides….unreal! I felt what it’s like to not kick during sink phase…not bad! I’ll have to do it on my target dives so I can enjoy the ride.

Ashley: Today was my first attempt at a personal best since training began. I spent last night practicing my equalizations in the pool with Rosibel for today’s performance. Feeling pretty confident after all of the practice I suited up this morning adn entered the water with Ted’s last words to me, “It’s only three more seconds and one more equalization,” in reference to my new depth attempt compared to my old personal best. Warm-ups went well as I decided again to concentrate on FRC’s to get my equalization down. 5-4-3-2-1, peak inhalation, 10 packs and down I go! 1:45 later I surfaced with the tag and a new personal best depth of 58m! See you tomorrow, 61m!

Jen: After yesterday’s failed attempt at 40m I was determined to make the depth today and to have fun doing it! I took it a bit easier on my warm-ups than usual and gave myself lots of time to relax before my target. I packed a bit more than usual and had a good entry (yay!) and managed to relax through the dive, working on using better kicks to prevent lactic burn in my legs. It worked- a clean and easy 40m dive that left me wanting even more depth!

Greg: I announced 34m CNF since my left ear was still sore from yesterday’s FIM dive. My warm-ups were not going well, but I ended up making it down to 29m anyway, which is my personal best in this discipline!

Ben: I flew to Cayman straight from two weeks in the Bahamas, where I safety-dived for the Vertical Blue competition. So I hit the ground (er, water) running (er, diving!), with three personal bests in a row: 56m CWT, 40m CNF, and 63m FIM. On the 63m dive I experienced thoracic filling for the first time; slightly unnerving, but thankfully no squeezes so far. Hanging out with everyone at the condo has been loads of fun, and I’m looking forward to the competition!

Update #4- May 5, 2010:

So I’ve finally got some more photos for you! Kirk was running the camera in the water today and got some great pictures of everyone. Depths went great again today and most people on the boat hit Personal Bests! Garo’s having a bit of ear trouble and will be out of the water tomorrow, but should be back soon to help safety during the competition. Hawkeye’s chest squeeze seems to be all better and he looks like he’ll be going after another Personal Best tomorrow- not too shabby after pulling a clean 7:08 static a couple of days ago! And Rosibel rocked her static the other day too- 5:50! We’re going to have some impressive performances I think during the competition.

So I figure I’ve talked enough so I’m going to let everyone else say a few words about how the training’s been going! You can check that out in the next update above…


Ashley ascending from 58m Junko breathing up for a dive

Joe’s recovery breaths after 45m Hawkeye recovery breathing after a dive

Rosibel heading to 55m Jen on the way down to 40m Erin heading down to 61m

Ben coming up from FIM 63m Ted on the way down to 55m

Garo…up close and personal!

Update #3- May 3, 2010:

Well yesterday we had another good day on the water- but Junko’s unlucky streak continued! Day 1 she got seasick, Day 2 she lost her brand new monofin and Day 3? She got stung by a bumble bee on the float! I guess that according to the rule of 3’s she’s going to be okay from here on out! Knock on wood! Or as they say in Japan as we’ve all learned, kuwabara kuwabara!

Today was a scootering day from morning to evening. We woke up early and headed off Macabuca and started getting some good footage of scootering, then headed off the wall to do variable ballast drops. Ashley mastered the art of the barrel roll and back flips on the Dive Xtras Cuda and Ren combined two cameras to film the whole thing: both his camera and a couple of new HD GoPros installed on the scooters to catch all the action. In the afternoon we headed back out off Lighthouse Point and had fun diving the swim throughs and tunnels in that area. We’ll post streaming video once it’s all edited. Ren’s working on getting some screenshots now so that will be up on here sooner!

Jen’s first time in warm water is going well, except that she says she wouldn’t mind if the water was a few degrees more similar to her hometown of Vancouver. She inadvertently stepped on an urchin today though so she’s been working to get those out all day- ouch!

Back on the temporary homefront- Hawkeye’s been regaling everyone with his amazing Irish songs, complete with an authentic Irish brogue. Ashley’s been helping too:

Our first judge arrived yesterday too, Matt Charlton from Ottawa, who’s judged several of our competitions before. He’s also going to help out with the camera work to make sure we don’t have a shortage of good video for streaming. Garo Hachigan, from San Diego, arrived yesterday too to safety for yet another competition- this will be his fourth in a row! He’s always a great face to see at depth after coming up from a long target dive.

And Ashley just got done cooking us some wonderful curry, so everyone’s hanging out on the couch, fat and happy. Tomorrow we’re back to work after this day off so we’ll be making our announcements soon and getting our game faces on for another solid day of training.

Until tomorrow,


Update #2- May 1, 2010:

Day 2 on the boat and we all had a great day of diving! Waves calmed down a bit, not down to Cayman’s typical flat calm seas, but it didn’t seem to affect anyone’s dives! A couple of suits made their debut after minor repairs yesterday, but we did have a fin catastrophe today- Junko’s brand new monofin came undone from it’s carabiner and floated away in the depths. She had to borrow my Glide for the day but didn’t seem to have any trouble with it (even though it’s a couple sizes too big for her tiny feet!). Hawkeye had to sit out the day to nurse a chest squeeze, but will be coming back with a vengeance tomorrow! Mandy also picked up Ben Weiss (USA) at the airport- our group is almost complete now, we’re just waiting on Garo Hachigan (USA- competition safety), Bob Croft (USA- World Record Holder), Francesca Koe (USA), and our judges Grant Graves and Matt Charlton.

And as I promised on Facebook- photos!

This is our shore dive spot- right at Macabuca restaurant. The entry spot is a few steps on the right side, which is actually out of the photo. It’s all about a 3 min walk from our condo and once we hit the water we’re in about 80 feet of water after a short swim. If we swim a little longer we can get beyond the wall and into bottomless blue water!

Kaila doesn’t mind coming on the boat with us either! She’s been attending some of our dive sessions- she seems more interested in kicking back and catching some Z’s than what we’re doing.

Hawkeye was totally pumped to get on some scooters! We’ve been taking them out every chance we got- I mean, it’s important that we all get trained up for the F3F scooter races!

Well Ren and Ashley have started playing guitar and singing for the group so I’m going to close up this update but I’ll definitely have more photos soon (and eventually video) to keep you all in the loop.

Until next time,


Update #1- April 30, 2010:

So we’ve just started training now and many of the competitors have arrived already. Junko Kitahama (Japan) showed up early and opened up the condos for us. Kirk, Mandy and Kaila Krack (the youngest freediver we’ve had yet!) arrived with Ted Harty (USA), myself (Erin Magee-USA) and Hawkeye Parker (USA) on May 28 and couldn’t wait to get out and get out on the scooters! We headed out for a day with Duncan at Stingray Charters and got our diving reflexes kicked in at full force with the DiveXtra Cudas. The reefs here in Cayman are incredible- we hit some great swim-throughs and even though our footage didn’t come out it was a memorable experience.

Yesterday afternoon we picked up Jen Balfour (Canada) and Rosibel Molina (Cuba), some great up-and-comers who are looking to reach some great new depths! We woke up early(ish!) this morning and headed out on the boat again to start doing some training dives. The ocean was a-rockin’ and a-rollin’ but in spite of the big seas we were resolute to stay out and dive! When we arrived home we found that a new batch of divers had arrived- Ashley Futral (USA), Ren Chapman (USA- competition safety), Greg Fee (Canada) and Joe Sheridan (USA). They couldn’t wait to hop back in the warm Cayman waters so they’ve already headed out to Macabuca to get some shore dives in.

Well that’s all for now but keep checking back for more updates and for the upcoming in-list of competitors from Deja Blue! We’ll also post results here once the competition starts. I’ll get on the photos too!!

Until tomorrow,


Competitiors for the 2010 PFI Deja Blue Competition

The following is the list of the 11 competitors in this years Cayman Competition. Announcements will be posted the night before each days event and results will be posted here withing hours of the finish of each day.


  • Erin Magee – USA
  • Ashley Futral – USA
  • Francesca Koe – USA
  • Junko Kitahama – Japan
  • Jennifer Belfour – Canada
  • Rosibel Molina – Cuba


  • Ted Harty – USA
  • Hawkeye Parker – USA
  • Ben Wiess – USA
  • Joe Sheriden Jr – USA
  • Greg Fee – Canada

Competition Information:

Yes PFI’s annual Cayman Competition is back on for yet another year. This years event starts next week, May 8-14 with a week of optional training April 30-May 7.

Disciplines at this years event include the following:

Constant Weight – Diving down and back up under ones own power wearing a fin
Free Immersion – Using the line, one pulls themselves down to depth and back up
Constant No-Fins – Without the use of fins or the line, one swims down to depth and back again
Static Apnea– In the pool the diver flats face down holding their breath as long as possible
Dynamic Apnea – In the pool with a fin on one sees how many lengths they can swim underwater on a single breath
Dynamic Apnea without Fins – One a single breath and without the use of fins, one sees how many lengths of a pool they can swim

During the seven day competition competitors will be able to make attempts during 5 ocean days and 5 pool days. They earn points as follows and the winner will be the diver with the overall highest point score in all disaplines.

Depth Disaplines: 1 point for every meter of depth achieved
Staic Apnea: 1 point for every 5 seconds of breath hold time
Dynamic and Dynamic No-Fins: 1 point for every 2 meters of distance
In past years we have seen athletes from all over the world compete and break both National and World records during the Cayman events. That being said this competition is for Freedivers of all experince levels. Everyone from those entering their first ever competition to those with records are welcome. Watch videos, read updates and relive last years competition by clicking here.

When: May 8-14, 2010

Where: Grand Cayman, BWI